About Us

Suvadra Consultants, formed in 2004 from Bhubaneswar, intially started as a Testing Laboratory & diversified to survey and engineering consultancy.The organisation grew in stature and more experienced personnel from different field of activities joined.The activities grew and the company became one of the leading survey and testing consultancy organisation of Odisha state.More than the infrastructure and assets, the organization has much more valued, dedicated and experienced personel inducted to the organisation.Our endeavor is to excel and maintain quality & timely delivery in the field of consultancy in Civil Engineering and Environmental Enginering. The firm has been able to carve a unique niche for itself in the State and have been endeavoring to create an identification in the national scene as well. The firm, an ISO 9001 company is a registered consultancy organization for various states of the country and has been empanelled as a nationally recognized consultancy organization in the field of Highway & Bridge Engineering by Govt. of India.

Consultancy Services

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTCY (Authority Engineer/Independent Engineer).

Organisation Setup

Suvadra Consultants
PP-97, Tankapani Road, Bhubaneswar-751018, Odisha (India).
Phone/Fax:-0674-2432090, Phone:-0674-6536124.
Er. Surya Rath (Managing Director), Mob.:- 09437024020/ 09861024020
Er. Bijoy Kumar Tunga (GM), Mob.:- 09437441149/ 09238429141
Mr. Rakesh Patra (DGM, Marketing), Mob:- 09238429148
Sri Aditya Prasad Dash (In-charge Delhi Office), Mob.:- 09540040503
1. Ranchi, Plot No.-182/C, Road No.-4, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi. (Contact Person:- Mr. Sankar Gouda) Mob.: - 09570152554,09570151589
2. Delhi, #721, Nav Sansad Vihar, Sector-22, Dwarka, Delhi. (Contact Person:- Aditya Prasad Dash) Mob.: - 09540040503
3. Raipur, C-52, Gayatri Nagar, Raipur (Chhatisgarh) (Contact Person:- Datta Mainkar) Mob.: - 09826183305
4. Gangtok, Pradhan Nagar, BBD Colony, Siligudi (West Bengal) (Contact Person:- Inzmam-Ull-Huque) Mob.: - 9732992335
5. Visakhapatnam, D-58/30/5, Kakani Nagar, NAD Junction, Visakhapatnam (Contact Person:- Prasanta Kumar Behera) Mob.: - 09556511741
6. Chandamari, Pubsarania ,By Line -5, Room - 1 , Gouhati , Assam
1. Baripada, At: Plot No.-975/1062, Murgabadi Chhak, Baripada,Dist.-Mayurbhanj, Odisha. (Contact Person:- Mr. Hemanta Pattnaik) Mob.:- 09937650474, 9238429149.
2. Khariar, Santi Nagar, Khariar (Nuapada), Odisha. (Contact Person:- Mr. Akura Jena) Mob.:- 9937959396, 9238429146.
3. Keonjhar, Baniapat, Near Saraswati Sisumandir, Keonjhar, Odisha. (Contact Person:- Mr. Hara Prasad Biswal) Mob.: -9777773870, 8280129799.
4. Jaypore, Cold Store Colony, Jay Nagar, Jeypore, Odisha. (Mr. Tapan Maharana) Mob.: - 9439595795, 9238429147
5. Berhampur, Santi Nagar, Goilundi Square, Berhampur, Odisha. (Contact Person:- Mr. Ajaya KumarMohapatra) Mob.:- 9438852241, 9583938580
6. Jagatsinghpur, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha. (Contact Person:- Mr. Bishnu Charan Parida) Mob.:9178255596, 9238429139
7. Sambalpur, At:- Sakhipara, P.O./Dist.- Sambalpur, Odisha. (Contact Person:- Amar Sukla) Mob.: - 9238429136, 9556321534


List Of Few Executed Projects


  • Improvement & Widening to Single lane Carraige way to Two lane Carraige(36.00km). Division No-I, Malkangiri
  • Dharamgada-Golamunda-Sinapali Road (MDR-III) (42.14km). R&B Division,Bhawanipatna
  • Jayanagar-Dangarpaunsi-Kundra Road (ODR) From RD-0/000km to RD-23.00km (23.00km). R&B Division, Jeypore
  • Ranpur-Jankia Road Form RD-0/000km to RD-20.08km (20.08km), R&BDivision, Khurda
  • V.S.S. Nagar to Chandrasekharpur Railway Colony (length of 1.75 km). R&BDivision-IV, BBSR
  • Sainik School to Adimata Colony (length of 1.75 km) R&B Division-IV, BBSR
  • Back side of Sainik School to Acharyavihar Square (length of 1.611 km). R&BDivision-IV, BBSR
  • Rabitalkies-Tankapani Road 0/000km to 1.70km. (length of 1.80 km) R&BDivision-I,BBSR
  • Kalpana Chhaka to Jagannath Ashram 0.00km to 2.40km. (length of 2.24km). R&B Division-I, BBSR
  • Ranpur-Jankia Road Form RD-0.00km to RD-20.08km (length of 20.08 km).R&B Division, Khurda
  • Ranpur-Siko-Jankia Road Form RD-0.00km to RD-20.20km (length of 20.200km). R&B Division, Khurda
  • Panchada-Dasamantapur-Giriliguma Road from 5.00km to 18.70km (lengthof 13.70 km). R&B Division, Koraput
  • Balipada-Kalingi Road (MDR) From RD 0.00km to RD-12.00km (length of12.00 km). R&B Division-I, Berhampur.
  • NH-217 to Pochilima -Balarampur road from RD-0.00km to RD-9.20km(L-9.20KM). R&B Division-I, Berhampur
  • Berhampur-Tamana-Chikiti-Surangi-Mandarda Road -RD 0.00KM to 10.50KM(DPR) (L-10.50KM), R&B Division-I, Berhampur
  • Seragarh-Nilagiri-Jharanaghati road (SH-19) from 14.40km to 31.20km(Length-16.80km). R&B Division, Balasore
  • Balasore-Mitrapur-Baicha Road from 14.00km to 25.00km. (11.00KM ).R&B Division, Balasore
  • OLD Cuttack-Sambalpur Road from chainage 0.00km to 13.05km (13.05KM).R&B Division, Charbatia
  • OLD Cuttack-Sambalpur Road from chainage 22.052km to 32.45km (Length of 10.40km). R&B Division, Charbatia

DPR for R&B Division, Khariar :

  • NUAPADA-DHARAMBANDHA ROAD (ODR) 5.90km to 18.625km (length of 12.275km).
  • Khariar Road-Amodi to Beltukuri Road (ODR) RD-1.00km to 22.00km (21.00KM).
  • Khariar-Boden-Sinapalli Road (mdr-121) from chainage 7.20km to 18.00km (Length of 10.800km).
  • Sohela-Nuapada Road (sh-3) 101.125km to 117.335km (Length of 16.210km).
  • Khariar road Amodi to Beltukuri 13.00km to 22.00km (length of 9.00km).
  • Khariar-Boden-Sinapalli road (mdr-121) 1.20km to 8.00km (Length of 6.80km).
  • Khariar-Boden-Sinapalli Road (mdr-121) 29.00km to 44.00km (Length of 15.00km).
  • Khariar-Sinapalli Road (odr) 11.448km to 20.518km (length of 9.07km).


  • Kuanra-Banspal Road (M.D.R.-12) From RD-0.00km to 14.08km (14.08km).R&B Division, Keonjhar
  • Dharamgada-Golamunda-Sinapali Road (MDR-III) From 0.00km to 41.375km(Length of 41.375km). R&B Division, Bhawanipatna
  • Jayanagar-Dangarpaunsi-Kundra Road (ODR) From RD-0.00km to RD-23.000km (23.00km). R&B Division, Jeypore
  • Dapali-Balimela-Sileru Road (SH-47)from k.m. 0.00 to 50.00 (50.00km). R&B Division No-I, Malkangiri
  • Gantakunda-Bejangibada-Kalimela Road From RD-0.00km to36.00km.(36.00KM). R&B Division No-I, Malkangiri
  • DHANUA NALLAH at 3rd k.m. on Satyabhamapur-Bhingarpur.R&B Division-II, BBSR
  • V.S.S. Nagar to Chandrasekharpur Railway Colony (Length of 1.75 km). R&B Division-IV, BBSR
  • Kalpana Chhaka to Jagannath Ashram 0.00km to 2.40km.(2.40km). R&B Division-I, BBSR (4-Lane).
  • Berhampur-Chikiti-Surangi-Mandarda road from RD 0.00km to RD-31.00km(Length of 31.00km). R&B Division-I, Berhampur
  • Panchada-Dasamantapur-Giriliguma Road from 5.00km to 18.70km (lengthof 13.20km). R&B Division, Koraput.
  • Balipada-Kalingi Road (MDR) FromRD 0.00km to RD-12.00km (Length of 12.00km). R&B Division-I, Berhampur.
  • NH-217 to Pochilima -Balarampur road from RD-0.00km to RD-9.20km(Length of 9.20km). R&B Division-I, Berhampur.
  • Balasore-Mitrapur-Baicha Road 14.00km to 25.00km (11.00KM). R&B Division, Balasore.
  • OLD Cuttack-Sambalpur Road from chainage 0.00km to 13.05km (13.05km). R&B Division, Charbatia.
  • Cuttack-Sambalpur Road from chainage 22.052km to 32.450km (10.40km). R&B Division, Charbatia.
  • NUAPADA-DHARAMBANDHA ROAD 5.90km to 18.625km (12.275km). R&B Division, Khariar.
  • Kuanra-Banspal Road (M.D.R.-12) From RD-0.00km to 14.08km (14.08km). R&B Division, Keonjhar.
  • Dharmanagar-Golamunda-Sinapali Road (MDR-III) from RD-2.00 km to 16.00km (Revised 2.00km to 14.35km total km 12.35km) (14.00km). R&B Division, Kalahandi.
  • Sahela-Nuapada Road (SH-3) form RD-101.125km to 117.545 (16.42KM)Four lain. R&B Division, Nuapada.
  • Dharmanagar-Golamunda-Sinapali road (MDR-III) from Rd-0.00 km to 42.00km (42.00KM) Four lain. R&B Division, Kalahandi.


  • Itanagar-Nonahlagun Bypass PWD Road from 13.500km (2014-15) .
  • H.L. Bridge over river Pachin on Naharlagun-Itanagar bypass road, Arunachal Pradesh from 250mtr. (2014-15) .


  • Upgrading NH-31C from chainage 182K.M. (Hasimara) to 228 K.M. (Salsalabari) to 2-lane with paved shoulder configuration in the district of Alipur, West Bengal
  • Two laning with paved shoulder of the section from Birapara (CH-718/000) to Falakata (CH-742/500) of NH-31 in the state of West Bengal for the year 2015-16.

Road DPR for PMGSY Road of various Divisions of R. D. Department Govt. of Odisha

Division Year Road Length
Khurda, Mayurbhanj, Bhadrak, Keonjhar 2006-07 375.889 km
Mayurbhanj, Nawarangpur, Kalahandi 2007-08 267.773 km
Mayurbhanj 2008-09 136.340km
Mayurbhanj, Nawarangpur 2009-10 144.060 km
Nuapada, Nawarangpur, Malkanagiri,Sambalpur, Gajapati, Nayagarh, Rayagada,Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur 2010-11 1292.095 km
Nuapada, Nawarangpur, Mayurbhanj, Koraput,Sambalpur, Bolangir, Gajapati, Sundargarh,Kendrapara, Baragarh, Jagatsinghpur 2011-12 1101.140 km
Mayurbhanj, Nuapada, Sambalpur,Nawarangpur, Bolangir, Sundargarh,Jajpur, Khurda, Jagatsinghpur, Ganjam 2012-13 576.819 km
Mayurbhanj, Koraput, Sambalpur,Bolangir, Gajapati, Kendrapara,Jagatsinghpur, Dhenkanal 2013-14 545.560 km
Ganjam, Jagatsinghpur PMGSY Road in (Phylin affected Roads) 2014-15 254.774km
Jharsuguda, Sundargarh, Keonjhar,Nabarangpur, Sambalpur, Balangiri,Rayagada, Malkangiri from 2015-16 1250.00 km


Project Area Year Road Length
Detailed Project Report of PMGSY Road 2014-15 99.43 Km
Detailed Project Report of PMGSY Road in West District (Phase-X, Batch-II) 2014-15 150.35 Km
Detailed Project Report of PMGSY Road in Sout District (Phase-X, Batch-II) 2014-15 102.557 Km
Total = 440.62 Km


Project Area Year Road Length
Detailed Project Report of PWD Road in East District. 2015-16 175.00 Km
Detailed Project Report of PWD Road in West District. 2015-16 160.00 Km
Detailed Project Report of PWD Road in South District. 2015-16 125.00 Km
Detailed Project Report of PWD Road in North District. 2015-16 140.00 Km
Total = 600.00 Km


  • Survey, Planning, Design & Land Schedule preparation of Potteru Irrigation. Irrigation Division, Malkangiri
  • Micro Irrigation System in Command Area of Durgapur, (2300 Ha). Jambhira Canal, Division No-II, Morada.
  • Survey, Planning, Design & Processing Land acquisition Cases for Micro Irrigation System in Command Area Kesari (2218 Ha). Jambhira Canal, Division No-II, Morada.


Preparation of Detailed Project Report for the work "Rural Piped water supply" projects for RWSS Govt. of Odisha.

  • Chotodarlipada to Adj. villages in Sinapali Block (Project Cost Rs. 781.17 Lakhs).
  • Ichhapur to Add. Villages Komna Block (Project Cost Rs.5913.64 Lakhs).
  • Khalana & Adjoing villages in Sinapali Block" (Project Cost Rs.1417.23 lakhs).
  • Potara and Add. Villages of Nuapada Block (Project Cost Rs.8580.86 lakhs).
  • Kusumjore in the district of Nuapada" (Project Cost Rs.781.17 Lakhs).
  • Sewerage district I & II of Bhubaneswar city (Project Cost Rs.160.50 Crores).
  • "Takua, Masunihata, Bhuinpur & Derang around NTPC-Kaniha of Angul District, Odisha (Project Cost Rs.14.10 Crores).
  • Augmentation of Water supply to Deoghar Municipality (Project Cost Rs.20.80 Crores).
  • Office Building and Staff Quarters of CPWD at Pokhariput Odisha.- CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Division No-III.
  • BSF Campus Building at Jatni, Khurda. - CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Division No-III.
  • Construction of Regional Institute for Vocational & Training (RIVET) at Phulbani (Odisha).- CPWD, Berhampur Central Sub- Division.
  • Income Tax Building at Bhawanipatna, Dist:-Kalahandi (Odisha). - CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Division No-III.
  • Material Testing & Mix design for Construction of Workshop for CHES at Aigenia, Bhubaneswar (Odisha). - BCSD-I, CPWD, Bhubaneswar.
  • Income Tax Office, Jharsuguda, Odisha.- CPWD, Sambalpur Central Sub-Division.
  • Topographic survey of land acquired by BSF for 22 Nos. of Temporary barrack at Badatota, Jatani, Khurda. - CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Sub-Division No-II.
  • Sub-soil investigation & Plate load test of JNV at Jajpur, Orissa.- CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Sub-Division No-IV.
  • Topographical survey for approach road and M/O CPWD office Building and residential quarters at Unit-VIII, BBSR.- CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Sub Division No-III.
  • Soil Investigation of 30 Nos. Staff quarters at Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar. - CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Division No-I.
  • Plate load test of Proposed Building for JNV at Tarabha, Dist-Sonepur, Orissa CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Division No-III.
  • Soil Test of Residential Quarters for NRCWA at Bhubaneswar, Orissa.- CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Division No-III.
  • Preparation of Topographical contour survey of Laboratory- cum-Office Building of RCOF at Khatikia. - CPWD, Bhubaneswar Central Sub Division No-V.
  • Pipeline Survey, Investigation work for Uttam Galva Steel Plant at Keonjhar.- M/s. G.M.S. Power Packs Ltd. Bhubaneswar
  • Sub-Soil Exploration & Soil Testing for DPR of 700kms PWD Road in Odisha.- M/s. Consulting Engineers Group. Rajasthan (World Bank Project)
  • Survey, Investigation, Quality Control Test of proposed breweries factory at Khurda.- M/s. Kalyani Laboratories, Bhubaneswar.
  • Design, Construction, Testing & Commission of Gravity Sewers in Sewerage District-I & II of Bhubaneswar City under 12th finance commission Award issued of work order for Design of underground sewerage network scheme to District-I & II of Bhubaneswar City.East Coast Construction & Industries Ltd. Kolkata
  • Quality Control of Palaspanga Road Project in Keonjhar district, Odisha.-Keonjhar Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (KIDCO).
  • Water Supply Project as Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar.- Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
  • Geo Technical Investigation & Topographical Survey For the Expansion of IFFCO Project, Paradeep.- IFFCO, Paradeep
  • Testing of Soil for check Dam Project for TTPS, Talcher - Samal Builders, Angul
  • Topographical survey of proposed Red Mud Pond-II site at NALCO, Damanjodi.-NALCO, Damanjodi
  • Construction of GCS & Pumping Gravity collection system in Zone-A, B1, B2, B3 for sewage collection & treatment system for Puri.- Project Manager, OWSSB, Puri
  • Survey & Soil Testing for Vedanta University Project at Puri, Orissa.- Siddhartha Construction & Trading Pvt. Ltd.
  • Testing of Construction Material for IOCL Township, Paradeep.- IVRCL Ltd., IOCL Paradeep Site, Paradeep
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Astarang Port at Puri.- Navayuga Engineering Ltd. Hyderabad
  • Geotechnical Investigation for National Ispat Ltd.at Chandikhol, Orissa - National Ispat Ltd.
  • Quality Control & Investigation work for integrated Steel Plant at Meramundali, DhenkanalM/s. Bhusan Steel & Strips Ltd., Meramundali, Dhenkanal
  • Sub-soil Exploration & Boring construction of building at Cuttack - Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Bhubaneswar
  • Testing of Ballast Material & Boulder for S.E. Railway Project, Joda. - Larson & Toubro Limited. Joda (ECCI), Division.
  • Testing Soil & Material (including NDT Test) for Vedanta Alumina Ltd., Jharsuguda - Sidharth Construction & Trading Pvt.Ltd. Sri Balaji Engi-Con Pvt. Ltd., Jharsuguda
  • Core-Cutting & Testing of PCC Work for Vedenta Alumina Ltd., Jharsuguda - Assotech Milan Resorts (P) Ltd.
  • Mix-Design & Testing of water for (for Redisson Hotel Project), BBSR- Assotech BEBL (P) Ltd.
  • Mix-Design for Residential Project at Bhubaneswar - Mega Marketing, Bhubaneswar
  • Testing of Water & Effluents (UB Group) - Durga Condev (P) Ltd., Cuttack
  • Testing of Construction Material - Vedanta Alumina Ltd., Jharsuguda
  • Survey & Soil Testing for Vedanta Alumina td, Jharsuguda
  • Compaction test for Road Work at JSPL, Angul - Madra Construction, Burdwan
  • Material Testing for Road & Drain from Sauchalaya Main Road to Jagannath Patra Residence side of Chintamani Pokhari.- C.M.C., Cuttack
  • Sub-soil Exploration Construction up Industrial site at Village Kharamani, Chandikhol, Jajpur- National Ispat & Power Pvt. Ltd.
  • Minar Bridge at Pantabehal, Sambalpur - ARSS Infrastructure Project Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sub-soil Exploration for Multi stand Building- Spintronic Technology & Advance Reserch at Taraboi, Khurda
  • Chemical & Physical Testing of Material- East Coast Construction & Industries Ltd.
  • Sub-Soil Exploration, Survey, Map Digitization & Super Imposition for the commissioning Plant at Jharsuguda -Sterlite Technology Ltd.
  • Sub-Soil Exploration for Ginger Hotel, Bhubaneswar- Roots Corporation Ltd. (Ginger Hotel Group), Mumbai.
  • Sub-soil for proposed plant for Aditya Aluminium Ltd. at-Lapanga, Sambalpur - Unrail India Pvt. Ltd. Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar.
  • Chemical and Material Testing for check dam - NTPC/TTPS, Angul
  • Material Testing & Mix Design-Design for IOCL at Paradeep - Gorkanath Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Material Testing of Road Work from Belleview to Naraj Barrage.- Orissa Construction Corporation Ltd., Cuttack
  • Material Testing Simplex Infrastructure Ltd., Dhenkanal, - SEPCO GMR Power Plant Ltd.
  • Soil Testing of Road Work for NH Project, Panikoili - Abhipsa Construction, Bhubaneswar
  • Survey and Soil Testing - Gautam Construction, Badabil List of few executed projects
  • Compaction Test of Road work inside MCL, Angul - Mahanadi Coal Field Ltd., Angul
  • Testing of TMT Bar IOCL, Bhubaneswar
  • Testing of TMT Bar IOCL, Bhubaneswar
  • Testing Water for Drinking Purpose - Xavier Institute of Management, BBSR
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Resistivity Test, for Construction of power plant - Facor Power Ltd., Bhadrak
  • Improvement to Prataprasad Rudranarayanpur Road (ODR) from 0/0km to 14/0km in the district of Nayarayan under NABARD Assistance.- UMSL, Bhubaneswar
  • The Pile load test and Material Testing - M/s. TUV-SUD South Asia Private Limited
  • Consultancy Services for soil investigation and preparation of Detailed Project Report Etc. for MIG29K Infrastructure and Hawk-AGT Infrastructure and INS DEGA Visakhapatnam.- Military Engineer Service, Visakhapatnam
  • Land survey and Establishing reference Grids Bench Marks Pillars for 1 x 120MW Coal Based TPP at Chatrapur, Ganjam District, Odisha. - Dr. Rama Krishna Prasad Power Private Ltd.
  • Geotechnical Investigation work for 1x120MW Coal Based TPP at Chatrapur for Dr. Rama Krishna Prasad Power Private Ltd.
  • Soil Investigation and Topographical Survey for proposed SSB Block at VSS Medical College, Burla under PMSSY-III scheme.- HSCC (India) Limited
  • Preparation of DPR for road work in Berhampur City, Odisha under World Bank funded project-Reg.- Mukesh & Associates Consultants & Engineers.
  • Sub-soil Investigation and Topographical Survey work for Construction of RCC Bridges at Odisha - LKT Engineering Consultants Ltd., New Delhi.
  • Mix Design for Construction of Workshop at Khurda Industrial Belt, Khurda.- Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd., New Delhi.
  • Testing of Steel for Project INFOSYS/SEZ - M/s. Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited, Chennai.
  • Testing of Materials - DBM Geotechnics & Construction Pvt. Ltd., Gopalpur Ports Ltd.
  • Quality Control Consultancy for Banigoch-Madhapur Road Project.- RKD Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sub-Grade and Material Testing for Baleswar-Baripada -Jharpokhria (Jn.of NH-5 with NH-6) 80Km Length.- FEEDBACK INFRA PVT. LTD.
  • Topographic survey & preparation of plan for Office Building & Residential quarter at Unit-III, BBSR. - (CPWD, BCSD-III, Bhubaneswar).
  • Topographic survey of RMRC, BBSR. - (CPWD, BCSD-III, Bhubaneswar).
  • Topographic survey of land acquired by BSF. - (CPWD, BCSD-III, Bhubaneswar).
  • Topographic survey of SIPCL at Titilagarh site - (Sahara India Power Corporation Ltd.).
  • DGPS Surveyed site elevation - (Vodafone Spacetel Limited).
  • Topographic survey of proposal Red Mud Pond-II site. - (National Aluminium Company Limited, Damanjodi).
  • Topographic survey with ETS including preparation ofcontour map. - (IFFCO).
  • Total station for our IVRCL-AIIMS Project (Pkg-IV) at Sijua, BBSR,Odisha. - (IVRCL-AIIMS).
  • Contour Survey of Trust Land at vill : Jagannath Prasad.- (Alakananda Philanthropic Trust).
  • C/o 22 Nos. of Temporary barrack of BSF at Badatota, Jatani, Khurda.- (CPWD, BCSD-II, BBSR).
  • Topographic survey arround 22 Acre, At-Jharsuguda. - (Sterlite Technology Ltd.).
  • Topographical contour survey.- (CPWD, BCSD-V, Bhubaneswar).
  • Topographic survey of Khariar-Sanapali Road - (Executive Engineer, Khariar (R&B) Division, Khariar).
  • DGPS survey - (Office of the Assit. Engg., Boudh).
  • DGPS survey of all mines of Jamul Cement. - (ACC Ltd. (Jamul Cement Works,Chhattisgarh).
  • Consultancy service for Layout and design rain water (TS/DGPS).- (MES,Jodhpur).

Telecom Sector

Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Foundation for Mobile Towers M/s. Reliance Telecom Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers M/s. Essar Spacetel Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers M/s. Tata Tele Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers Vodafone Essar Spaceltel Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers GTL Infrastructure Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers Xcel Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
Soil Investigation, Structural Design & Structural Stability Certificate of Mobile Tower India Telecom Infra Ltd..
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers Hayat Communications Ltd.
Structural Design & Layout, Soil Testing, Survey Investigation, Structural Stability. Essar Telecom Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers RMEC Project Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers Leadcom Integrated Solutions Ltd., Gurgaon
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers Idea Cellular Ltd.
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers Tata Tele Services (WTTIL)
Soil Investigation & Structural Design of Mobile Towers American Tower Company (ATC)


Morth GOI Category-I(B)
Morth GOI Category-VI(B)
Morth GOI Category-IV

Our Team


1. Tarakanta Mohapatra , Retd. S.E (PWD), Govt.of Odisha

2. Dr. B. B. Nayak , Phd (IIT Kharagpur)

3. Bijoy Kumar Tunga , MIE (Civil)

4. Cornl. Ramesh Chandra Swain , Retd. Director (Architecture), MES

5. Er. Sarbananda Mahakud , M.Tech. (Water Rosource) (IIT Roorkee) Retd. S.E. (Govt. of Odisha)

6. Er. Manas Ranjan Kar , B.Tech (Civil) Retd. S.E. (R&B) & SQC (Govt. of Odisha)

7. Dr. Datta Mainkar , Retd. Director Mines

8. Er. Trupti Das , M.Tech (Geotech) , IIT (Kanpur)

9. Er. Shyam Prasad Rath , B.Tech (Civil)

10. Manoj Kumar Nayak, B.Tech (Civil)

11. Er. Dillip Kumar Biswal , M.Tech (Structure) Retd. E.E. (Govt. of Odisha)

12. Dr. H. K. Das , Ph.D (Geo Tech)

13. K. B. Ranjit Kumar , M. Arch (Env. Planning)

14. Sudarsan Sahoo , P. G. Diploma (Planning)

15. Sri Sadasiba Dash , Sr. Scientist (Retd.), RD & QP, Odisha

16. Sri Ajaya Kumar Tripathy , Sr. Scientist (Retd.), RD & QP, Odisha

17. Sri R.C. Mukharjee , Sr. Scientist (Retd.), RD & QP, Odisha

18. Er. Sanjiv Kumar Das , Retd. Ex. Engineer (P.H.D.)

19. Ar. Lalatendu Nayak , B.Arch

20. Er. B. B. Patra , Dy. Chief Engineer Rly. (Retd.)

21. Mr. Ratikant Mohanty , M.Sc. (Geo), LLB, ME (Env. Eng.), MBA (USA)

22. Dr. Sarat Chandra Behera , Ph.D. (Water & Soil Conservation) Retd. Addl. Director, Odisha Watershed Mission

23. Sri B. K. Sahoo (Geologist)

: Team Leader

: Chief Consultant Material Testing & QC
: Chief Consultant (Structural Enginering)

: Chief Architect

: Consultant (Water Resources)

: Consultant (Highway)

: Chief Consultant Geology & Mines

: Consultant (Geotech.)

: Consultant Highway

: Consultant Structure

: Sr. Structural Engineer

: Consultant Geo-Tech

: Town Planner

: Town Planner

: Sr. Consultant (QC) (Soil & Material Section)

: Sr. Consultant (QC) (Field Testing)

: Sr. Consultant (QC) (Bitumen & Chemical)

: Consultant (Water)

: Senior Architect

: Consultant (Railway)

: Consultant Environment

: Sr. Consultant (Watershed Project)

: Sr. Consultant (Ground Water Survey)


The consultancy firm has in-house facilities for planning and design of all types of townships, Builtup-area and Commercial complexes. Experienced architects with supprot staff, fully conversant with use of ICT technology are carrying out plan/design of structure to full satisfaction of the client. The architecture wing has been successfully amalgmating contemporary architecture with ancient architecture. The firm offers a full scope of architectural services, while specializing in residential homes and apartments, ammenties, utility and service sector plan preparation along with support services for commercial complex, fire frightening, structural system,materials finish, electrical installation, sewage & sewarage plan and rain water harresting etc.

In structural engineering division we design, create, solve problems, innovate and use GEO-ICT and Civil equipments and sw to shape the clients requirement. The structures we design andcreate are used for housing projects, road and bridge construction, water supply network establishment, commercial complexes, hospitals and other utility network planning. Our structural engineers are involved at every stage of a structure's realisation and they play a key part in design and construction teams. Working with architects, and alongside other professions, structural engineers create conceptual designs and ensure that the structure can be built and is stable and durable. Our experienced staffs adopt advanced analysis techniques to understand the effects of loads/stresses caused by gravity, the users of the structure, and the widely varying climatic conditions and ground condition. Civil structural engineering activities of our consultancy includes all structural engineering related to the built environment. It includes, Bridges, Dams, Earthworks, Foundations. Pipelines, Power stations, Railways, Retaining structures and walls, Roads, Waterways, Water harvesting and Wastewater infrastructure.
Suvadra's ground force comprises of trained and experienced surveyors for high precision survey and location based data collection. We maintains a state of the art precision survey infrastructure that includes ground based reference station for differential GPS surveys, dual frequency GPS receivers capable of RTK surveys, single frequency receivers for control surveys, handheld GPS units for location based data collection and advanced Electronic Total Station instruments. We have 50 manpower consistingof ITI, Diploma and Degree engineers. The survey services include:
1. Topographic surveys / Hydrographicsurveys / Terrain Analysis
2. Layout and topographic surveys
3. Demarcation and DGPS surveys of forest boundary using differential GPS
4. DGPS survey of forest area proposed for diversion for developmental/infrastructure projects
5. Demarcation and survey of mine lease boundary.
6. Design and Fixation of Ground Control Point
7. Precision boundary surveys including boundary demarcation through staking out operations
8. Alignment surveys for linear projects (power line, pipeline, road, railways,canals, etc)
9. Layout surveys
10. Topographical surveys including contouring
11. Alignment survey of canals, roads, pipelines, power lines, etc
12. Location based attribute data collection on site specific projects
13. Cadastral surveys

Geotechnical engineering division priority is to study the behavior of earth materials, study of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials; to determine the relevant physical/mechanical and chemical properties of materials; to evaluate stability of natural slopes and soil deposits; to assess risks posed by site conditions; to design earthworks and structure foundations; and monitor site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction. For every client our project team begins with a review of project needs to define the required material properties. Then follows a site investigation of soil, rock, fault distribution and bedrock properties on and below the area of interest to determine their engineering properties including how they will interact with, on or in a

proposed construction. Site investigations are done to gain an understanding of the area in or on which the engineering will take place. Investigations include the assessment of the risk to humans, property and the environment from natural hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction, debris flows and rock falls. Then we determine and designs the type of foundations, earthworks, pavement sub-grades requirement for the intended man-made structures to be built. Foundations are designed and constructed for structures of various sizes such as roads, high-rise buildings, bridges, medium to large commercial buildings, drainage siphons, culvert, nala-bunding and smaller structures etc. Foundations design for built-structure, retaining structures, earthworks measures are prepared by experienced engineers.
For foundation design and construction work, one must know the actual soil stratification at a given site, the laboratory test results of the soil samples obtained from various depths, and the observations made during the construction of other structures built under similar conditions. For most major structures, adequate subsoil exploration at the construction site must be conducted. Therefore we first determine the layers of natural soil deposits that underlie a proposed structure and their physical properties. The procedure we follow are determining the nature of soil at the site and its stratification; Selection of the type and depth of foundation suitable; evaluation of the load-bearing capacity of the foundation; estimation of the probable settlement of a structure; finding the potential foundation problems i.e. the location of water table, depth and nature of bedrock; conducting insitu field tests, such as permeability tests, van shear test, and standard penetration test etc. Our main expertise is soil investigation of bridge site. The activities include, preparation of Index plan, preparation of site plan, preparation of cross section and longitudinal section of river bed, collection of hydraulic data, calculation of design discharge and linear waterway, fixation of approximate span of bridge, subsoil exploration and determination of engineering properties of soil, determination of bearing capacity of soil and submission of report

Remote Sensing Division was established in 2012 to provide specialist services for land, water, soil, forest and environment applications state-wide. In addition to image pre-processing and analysis, this expertise encompasses GIS, GPS, field data collection and project support and management. Suvadra Consultants applies operational computer-based satellite image analysis techniques, maintaining a leading edge in this fast changing field through active participation in sponsored/funded projects. The company has in-depth experience of a range of commercially available satellite imagery: in particular, IKONOS, Quickbird, SPOT, Landsat, IRS, ERS, Envisat and RADARSAT data. We are constantly seeking to develop operational uses for remote sensing data where the unique capabilities and cost advantages of aerial and satellite imagery find practical application. Supporting this work is the in-house development of customised systems that incorporate remote sensing, GIS, GPS and database technologies for survey, resource mapping and geo-technical studies. We provide remote sensing service through surveying, mapping and monitoring of natural resources and manmade infrastructure using satellite images. We use paper copy as well as digital satellite data as basic input. We undertake surveying, mapping and monitoring of natural resources in various scales such as 1:50,000/ 1:25,000/1:10,000/1:4,000. We take up projects relating to
1. Landuse/Land cover mapping
2. Urban landuse mapping
3. Forest density mapping
4. Biodiversity mapping
5. Wasteland mapping
6. Wetland mapping
7. Surface Waterbody Mapping
8. Watershed Delineation
9. Reservoir Catchment mapping and
10. Environmental Impact Assessment
11. Transport network mapping
12. Utility and service sector mapping

Suvadra Consultancy provides numerous GIS services to its clients all over the country. The GIS services rendered by us allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. Our mapping and geo-database services can be broadly described as digitization and conversion of all types of maps/plans into digital form, design and development of geo-databases. The GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization. We provide GIS services with an allinclusive solution for spatial data management to government and industrial organizations and our RS-GIS Mapping Services include capturing, storing, integrating, manipulating, analysing, and displaying data related to positions on the Earth's surface. Suvadra Cons. works on GIS data conversions and prepares electronic maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology by utilizing the paper or electronic data that has been either captured by the clients or collected otherwise. This includes adoption of layering standards, projection standards, and database standards as approved by the customer. Such assignments often involve data migration, data transformation and integration from multiple sources as per the geo-data model. The vast expertise and experience allows Suvadra Cons. to integrate GIS, CAD and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) services, by using highend GIS Mapping and GIS data conversions solutions. Geo-ICT services are usedby us to prepare contour maps, spatial maps, thematic maps, landscape maps, and site maps.

Our consultancy is a service project delivery consultancy company offering integrated planning, architecture, engineering and project management services for buildings, transportation, telecommunications, commercial, institutional, recreational and water supply projects, and is a national firm with over 200 professionals in more than 10 offices and national project locations. Our's wide range of resources and expertise offer comprehensive and single umbrella solutions (incorporating building design, infrastructure engineering, mechanical and electrical services) to technically challenging projects and services from planning to construction, for local and national governments, financing institutions, private sector owners, contractors and public sector institutions. We provide optimized and innovative state of the art designs utilizing specialized expertise developed over last ten years for survey, design, estimate, construction supervision and planning for major structures, which are locally adapted relating to road, water supply, telecommunication infrastructure and buildings. For Last few years we have developed expertise in land resources development, EIA/EMP projects, urban transport, building projects and network infrastructures like Highways, Bridges, Flyover, Subway, Water Supply lines and Transmission lines etc.
Our Environment division provides services in environmentally accepted engineering & project design; Environmental Services like EIA and EMP, Environmental audit and Monitoring, Water and Waste water treatment and recycling system design, Safety related risk assessment, Environmental site assessment, Common effluent treatment plant, Projects on recycle & reuse, Effluent conveyance system, Water supply and distribution network, Solid waste management, landfill site selection etc. In house testing laboratory for soil, water air and materials; support the activities of Environment division. Environment division also undertake sub-project activities of geo-technical, remote sensing, geo-informatics and architectural divisions. Interdisciplinary staffs are posted to undertake physical, chemical, hydrological and environmental aspects of engineering projects of the consultancy.

Survey & Investigation are primary requirement for any Civil Engineering Structure. The planning of structure and subsequent design and implementation is dependent on sound investigation of founding strata. Another important aspect during construction is the quality of materials execution & spot construction maintenance.There are sufficient experienced personnel for supervising tests, data interpretation & analysis. The firm has also the expertise in the field of consultancy on rehabilitation of structure. Necessary equipments and tools for evaluation of structures are available with us. We have full fledged laboratories in all the branch offices in Odisha and at Regional offices in India. Besides the above, as per necessity & demand; field laboratories at many site are also under operation. To conduct quality control tests at site, the firm has mobile testing laboratory.
A smart city uses advance engineering applications, digital technologies and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance quality and performance of urban services. The Three pillars on which a city rests are its Institutional Infrastructure, Physical Infrastructure and Social Infrastructure. At Suvadra Consultant we have requisite infrastructure and manpower for implementation of Smart City engineering projects. Our expertise are DPR preparation for road network planning, water supply network Planning, Architectural and Structural drawings / Design, Geo-ICT Applications, environmental Monitoring and Project Management Consultancy. Few of our consultancy experience on smart city engineering solutions arelisted below.
Consultancy Services Completed -
Detailed Project Report (DPR) of BRO complex at village Badli, Jodhpur
1. Design, Survey, Estimates for STP, Sewage System for MH and Adjoining Area in Army area Jodhpur
2. Detailed Engineering and Project Management Consultancy Services for Construction of Technical building and allied services at Hattigor, Bangdubi & Lohitpur in North East under CCE Narangi
3. Survey, Geotechnical Investigation, Structural Design for road on embankment, Elevated road of 1.5 Km. length bridges etc. for Director General Naval Project, Visakhapatnam
4. Consultancy services for Preparation of detailed project reports for MIG-29K and Hawk-Ajt simulator infrastructure at INS Dega, NAD, Visakhapatnam
5. Improvement of water supply to Saheed Nagar area with provision of 24 x 7 Water Supply System under JBIC, Japan
6. Design & Commissioning of Gravity Sewers in Sewerage Dist – I & II of Bhubaneswar City
7. DPR preparation for Sewage treatment plant at Secunderabad Army Containment. Besides the above we have completed DPR of NH, PWD & PMGSY Roads (more than 6000 Km.) and mega water supply scheme preparation of floride afected villages in Nuapada district and seven other cities in Odisha.

Inhouse Facilities/Infrastructure

The firm has acquired in-house facilities to supplement the work of various divisions located at Bhubaneswar, Baripada, Balasore, Keonjhar, Jeypore, Jharsuguda and Khariar. The facilities include hardware, software, latest equipments and logistic support. This has provided the platform for working out complete solutions in the field of consultancy. The firm has been tracking the latest technological up gradation in the field of surveying, sub-soil exploration; geo-informatics, material testing and has been constantly upgrading the facilities with training to the personal. The division wise list of such facilities / support is enlisted in the following pages.

SYSTEM :- Pentium-IV& multimedia system (HCL, Dell & Compaq)-50 Nos. Laptop-P-III, Laptop-P-IV (IBM, Asus & Lenevo)- 20 Nos.
PRINTER/ PLOLTER :- Colour Inkjet Printer (A4) / Colour Laser Printer A3 / Xerox & Printer - 2 Nos. Colour Deskjet Printer (1125C) A3 / Plotter - Design Jet 800 C A0 & Design Jet 500 C A0 / Blue Printing Machine. (HP, Konica, Tosiba)
SCANNER :- Scanner (HP Scan Jet) / Laser Jet 6L Gold A4 / Laser Jet 1200 Series (2 Pc.) (HP)
CAMERA :- Digital Camera / Handy Cam (Canon & Sony)
SOFTWARE :- Civil 3d, MX ROAD/RAIL/STRUD (Bentley), AutoCAD 2008 with Revit Architecture (AutoCAD), AutoCAD LT 2008 (AutoCAD), MS-Office 2003 & 2007 Multiple (Microsoft), Adobe Photoshop CS3 10 Win (Adobe), MSProject 2007 OPL NL (Microsoft) Auto Plotter & Road Estimater Version 9 (Infycons), Strud (Infycons), Cadian, STAAD Pro, Newgen, STRUD,EPANET & LOOP, IDRISI,Open GIS, Tremble Survey Suite and Office Automation Software.
The computer lab consists of three dedicated office space covering 1200, 600 and 200 Sq.ft. with Pentium-IV System and both intranet and internet connectivity
Material testing lab is in the mode of workshop covering 1200 Sq.ft. and 300 Sq.ft and area having soil and water testing facilities. Latest soil, water and material testing equipments are procured on regular basis considering the industry demand.
PYCNOMETER :- DIGITAL BALANCE : 30Kg, L.C. 1Gm, 500Gm LC-0.01Gm & 220Gm, LC-0.001Gm.
STANDARD TEST SEIVES 200 MM DIA (SPUN BRASS FRAMES) 4.75mm, 3.35mm 2.8.mm, 2.36mm, 2.00mm, 1.70mm, 1.40mm, 1.18mm, 1.0mm, 850 micron, 600 micron, 250 micron, 212 micron, 53 micron, 50 micron, 45 micron, 40 micron, 25 micron with Lid & PaN
STANDARD TEST SEIVES 450 MM DIA (G.I. SHEET FRAMES) 125mm, 90mm 80mm, 63mm, 53mm, 45mm, 40mm, 31.5mm, 26.5mm, 25mm, 22.4mm, 20mm, 16 mm, 12.5 mm, 10mm, 9.5mm, 6.7mm, 6.3mm, 5.6mm, 4.75mm, 2.8mm, 2.36mm, 2.00mm, 1.7 mm, 1.18mm with Lid & Pan
WATER BATH (Electrically Operated)
Cylindrical Metal Measure, 30 LT, 20 LT, 15 LT, 10 LT, 3 LT CAP.
Aggregate crushing Value Apparatus - 3 Inch & 6 Inch.
Standard Sand for Cement Testing, Analysis of Concrete Apparatus, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Measuring Cylinder-1000 ML, 500 ML (Torson). Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, Core Cutter (Bosch)
  • Cone Penetrometer
  • Specific Gravity Bottle (Pycnometer)
  • Analytical Balance (-0.01Mg-300)
  • Automatic Compactor
  • Load Frame for Triaxial Motorised, 5000 KG.
  • Laboratory Vane Shear, Permiability and Consolidation Appratus
  • Dial Gauge (0.1,0.01, 0.001 MM Division *25MM Travel)
  • Shrinkage Limit set Complete with Murcury
  • Proving Rings Capacity 250 KGF (1.5 KN, 1.0 KN)
  • Load Frame CBR, Electric, Cum Hand Operated Cap 5 Ton 3 Speed Motor
  • Sampling Tube - 38 MM DIA
  • Direct Shear Appratus
  • Moisture Can
  • Riffle Sample Divider
  • Rapid Moisture Meter, 0.50%
  • Pore Pressure Apparatus
  • Proctor Mould-1000 CC with Rammer 4.89 Kg. & 2.6 Kg.
  • Oil Water Constant Pressure with Volume Change Gauge
  • Core Cutter With Steel Dolly & Rammer
  • Soil Water Constant Pressure with Volume Change Gauge
  • Stop Watch, 1/10 Second Accuracy
  • Unconfined Compression Testing Machine
  • Liquid Limit Device - Hand Operated With Counter
  • Digital Oven
  • Weight (50, 10, 2, 1, 0.5 Kg.)
  • Grainsize Distribution Pipette Method
  • Liquid Limit Device - Motorised With Revolution Counter
  • Pocket Penetro Meter
  • Proctor Compaction Mould
  • Rammer 2.6 Kg. for above
  • Liquid Limit W/O Counter
  • Standard Pentrometer with Cone
  • Flow Cup, Providing Ring
  • Displacer Block
  • Perforated Plate
  • Surcharge Weight (2.5 Kg. / 5Kg.)
  • CBR Mould - Steel
  • Needles (Plunger etc.)
  • Wet Sieve Shaker
  • Standard Cone Apparatus
  • Caliball Penetration Apparatus
  • Universal Extractor Frame
  • Infrared Moisture Meter
  • Speedily Moisture Meter
  • Providing Ring (Cap 150KN)
  • Relative Density

  • High Volume Sampler (APM-460 BL)
  • Water Distallation Plant
  • Stack Sampler
  • Do Meter
  • PH Meter
  • ORSAT Appratus
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Autoclave
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Grain Size by Pipeete Meter, Hydrometer
  • Water Analyzer Kit
  • Hygro Meter
  • Turbidity Meter
  • Baro Meter
  • Flame Photometer
  • Bomb Calorimeter
  • Oven
  • Muffle Furnance
  • Laminar
  • COD Digestor
  • BOD Incubrator
  • Noise Meter
  • Hot Plate
  • Thermostat Water Bath
  • Nitrogen Distillation Unit
  • Fluoride Distillation Unit
  • Rain Gauge
  • Water Velocity
  • Microgel Unit
  • Uind Velocity
  • Cone Penetrometer
  • Marshal Mould
  • Dial Thermo Meter
  • Marshal Stability Apparatus
  • Dial Gauge for above
  • Ball and Ring Appartus
  • Standard Viscometer
  • Flash & Fire Point Appartus
  • Loss on Heating
  • Bitumen Extractor Hand Operated
  • Softaining Point Electric Operated
  • Float Test Apparatus
  • Determination of Water Content
  • Bitumen Constant Temp. Bath
  • Penetro Meter
  • Stripping Value Apparatus
  • Rammer 2.6 Kg. for above
  • Field CBR Apparatus
  • S.P.T. Apparatus
  • Monkey 63.5KG
  • U.D.S.
  • Ms. Plate for Modulus of Sub-Grade Reaction, Pile Load & Plate Load Test.
  • Standard Viscometer
  • Flash & Fire Point Appartus
  • Loss on Heating
Make Model No. Of Sets Serial No. Remarks
Trimble R4GNSS 2 5429472847 Accuracy + 12mm
(B) Total Station / Auto Level
SOKKIA SET- 620 (2)
5 176445
Total Station Angular
Accuracy of 6”, Capacble of
measuring of distance 2.7
Km.(Approx), Distance
Acurancy 2mm +2 ppm XD,
Internal Memory 10000 Points
CST -BERGER CST-302R 1 43246 Total Station Angular
Accuracy of 6”, Capacble of
measuring of distance 2.7
Km.(Approx), Distance
Acurancy 2mm +2 ppm XD,
Internal Memory 10000 Points
SOKKIA B-30(3)
UK 7 Auto Level
(C) GPR (Gound Penetrating Radar)
Mala GX 160 1 3456283145 Range-25-100 meters depth.